intercultural training for teams

This workshop is addressed to multicultural groups to enhance cultural awareness and learn the tools to become culturally competent. What you will learn is: recognize cultural values and attitudes (time, space, group dynamics, authority, tasks, relationships), what cultural awareness means and how to develop it in your workspace. Areas of attention: Communication styles, Cross-cultural management skills, Working together across cultures, Tips and strategies for specific countries. Our intercultural training for teams is tailored to address specific challenges and opportunities that arise in a multicultural work setting, empowering your team for success.

team building activities

Team building session. There is few option how we build the team. I present those options and we discuss which way is most suitable for you and your team and WHY? Accordingly offer is presented. I base on games and test that reviel team dynamics, communication styles and strengths of individuals. By engaging your team in fun and interactive activities , we'll strengthen their bond and improve their problem-solving skills. Prices vary and starts from 400 euros depending of activities and locations.

diversity and Inclusion training for employees

Diversity & Inclusion training helps employees identify & address bias, foster inclusion and create a respectful workplace. Benefits: productivity, creativity and business growth. This course will be delivered virtually or in person, and we will reference typical case studies throughout the training, to enable learners to gain a ‘real life’ insight and workplace scenarios. Suitable for team members through: Zoom/ MS Teams, or: life at the location. Maximum 12 attendances per session Duration: 5h life on location 2x 2,5h online

mind the gap- relocation guidance consultation

mind the GAP! why? why shall I mind? how big is the "gap"? is there a "gap" really? well it all depends... lets think together: mind- what does it really mean? definition; noun: the element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world and their experiences, to think, and to feel; the faculty of consciousness and thought. verb: 1).regard as important; feel concern about 2.)be distressed, annoyed, or worried by and my favourite: a person's mental processes contrasted with physical action. So do you mind? :) Relocation process can be smooth and easy but can be also be challenging and scary at times. It all depends of the GAP. How big it actually is? And the gap can be pretty big... My role in this process is to make it smaller, as tinny as possible, till you simply, you don't mind, anymore! What do I do then? Well, mostly I listen to you and your story, if you dare to share, of course and then we talk. I want to know everything, what can help you in adaptation to new culture, new place. Remember; "I got your back"! we make it work! If you really want to make a new place your new home we work together to build it. Step by step. We meet life or online, with first get to know each other- 15min call free of charge. After that I charge per hour (80 euro) and we set up meetings at your convenience. Numbers of consultations is totally up to you- what suits your needs. For clients younger than 21years old I recommend sessions with parents/ gradians or friends attendance. Its not a must though. If you thinking of relocating for job, here you can find start up points to go through, covering the very basic things to consider: get in touch when you need personal advise and guidance. I've been there, not once... I don't advice from the perspective of a intercultural trainer only but from Expat experience. I know your struggles and I know how it feels. I will gladly share all the insights and build cultural competence basing on your needs.

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time management course

You want to manage the time? well... you can not! Time won't slow down or stop. The good news is you can manage yourself in time! and I want to give you the tools to use the time you have the best way for YOU! its a process and its not easy, but its definitely worth it! Remember you have one life! but if you do it right one is enough (that's what they say...) this course is divided in 4 blocks of time and homework sessions in between. I will guide you, motivate you and support you on the way. You will learn to stop procrastinating and take action, change habits and hopefully you know how to use the time you have for some "you moments". This is online course with free 15min consultation as I believe you need to trust me before you listen to my suggestion. I work only with people who really want a change :) otherwise its waste of our TIME and your money. this course contains of: consultation, 3 masterclass sessions 1 diary planning session digital materials included cost: 250 euro

"back to the roots- project" mentoring program

We work together in small groups (6 people max) to reconnect with ourselves. This training will help you listen to yourself, find peace and inner space. This project is a gift of freedom, happy mind and awareness. It will definitely help you rebalance your life and get a perspective. It is 4 session course divided on 4 fillers: mind, body, soul and relationships with others. Each session takes up to 2h (online). It requires some writing, reading but mostly a lot of "stillness" to listen to yourself. It can only work if you ready to do lots of homework on yourself and stop for a moment . I recommend this course to all who want to find the way back to themselves. Its a beautiful journey that only starts with me but takes life time to follow. I need min 4 people to run this program- write yourself in and I will contact you with the details. Price 333euro+ BTW

"cut the crap" team meetings efficiency program

In the fast-paced world of business, time is an invaluable resource. Yet, many organizations face the challenge of lengthy team meetings that yield minimal results. I help you to transform meeting cultures, ensuring every minute spent contributes to your organizational goals. Our comprehensive program includes: Meeting Analysis: We assess your current meeting structures to identify key pain points and inefficiencies. Customized Strategies: We design tailored solutions, including agenda optimization, effective time management techniques, and facilitation training, to streamline your meetings. Implementation Support: We provide hands-on support to implement new strategies, ensuring a smooth transition and immediate improvement in meeting productivity. Why Choose Our Program? Proven Results: Clients have reported up to a 50% reduction in meeting times We focus on long-term improvements, equipping your team with the tools and skills to maintain efficient meeting practices. By partnering with us, you can reclaim valuable hours, enhance team collaboration, and drive your organization toward greater success. Let’s discuss how we can tailor our program to meet your specific needs and help your organization thrive. (150 euro per hour, min 12h) +BTW