So this is me, and my idea on supporting you in this exacting, at times challenging journey called LIFE! 
I always wanted to help people and I finally figured out how :)
I can do it best using my qualities and knowledge but also by sharing ideas of others and redirect you to experts I know and trust myself.  I am team effectivnes coach and I help organizations activate their teams to achive goals and collaborate best in the global market. I do it through training and workshop facilitation. I belive in team work and I can bring the best of your team.

My story is long and like most of us, it had massive impact on where I am now and how I "roll".  After year of corporate expirience I created I GOT YOUR BACK. space- platform for individuals and groups to support their growth. 
My idea for using this space is to share expertise and experience for personal and professional development and well being of it's community.

I GOT YOUR BACK platform was created with open mind and generouse heart. My main goal people is to help people reconnect with each other and themselves, to find solution, support and power their awesomeness :)

So, happy (web) surfing- check my offer and fell free to contact me anytime!
I'm located in Utrecht province in beautiful Netherlands, and you can reach me online from anywhere in the world. 

Can't wait to hear from you,

with love,